Make 2022 the year of better presentation skills!

Make this the year you commit to improving your presentation skills (for in person AND virtual) so you can increase your confidence, influence and success. 

Stop hiding in meetings and hoping that you don't get asked to give a presentation. 


Stop experiencing nerves, anxiety or fear when facing an audience or a camera.


Stop worrying that your presentation will be boring or too long or not as impactful as you'd like - and know it can and should be. 


Overcome this obstacle to your career development and add "successful presenter" to your professional brand. 


If you're ready to finally get serious about taking your skills to the next level and letting your voice be heard, I'm here to work with you and help you achieve your goals.


I have limited openings in my Executive Presentation Skills Coaching Program.     We will work virtually via Zoom and can focus on mastering any aspect of presentation skills, from speaking with confidence to handling questions to engaging the audience to handling virtual presentations with ease.


Presentation skills coaching and mentoring is for everyone who gives presentations, regardless of whether you are an executive or entrepreneur in corporate, non-profit, academia or government. I have worked with people from all backgrounds, including CEOs, sales executives, managers, individual contributors, entrepreneurs, doctors and authors.


To find out more or to apply, email me at  




What Gilda's Clients Say

Gilda is insightful & effective

"In working with Gilda, I found her to be extremely knowledgeable, insightful and effective. She expertly targeted what I needed to adjust, provided resources for growth and helped me create a plan for next steps. I feel more confident, focused and energized! "

Laurie Newkirk, award-winning writer and speaker


Ultimate professional coach

"Gilda is the ultimate professional coach.  She excels in providing a foundation of techniques and skills combined with building confidence to succeed."  

Biotech CEO

Precise and meaningful feedback, absolutely terrific

"I am a very experienced speaker and had the pleasure of working with Gilda to prepare for a very important speaking opportunity. She took the time to really dive into the message I was trying to convey, the way I wanted to present my message, my style, and most importantly, my ambitions for this particular event. She was then able to provide very precise and very meaningful feedback which inspired me to push myself into new territory. I am now more excited than ever about this event. She is absolutely terrific and a true professional."

Brent Robertson, Partner,


Gilda's coaching is an A+

"I could not be more pleased with the coaching experience I had with Gilda. Although comfortable with public speaking, I had an important 3 min shot at impressing a big audience with a presentation about my company and the mission. 

Gilda drilled down to understand how the company works and particularly, what actually makes it so attractive and different from the competition. She helped me to better articulate what we do and how we do it. Her choice of vocabulary and the order in which I presented each aspect of the company was refreshing and nuanced. I was particularly grateful for her helping me with the final “call to action.”

Without any hesitation, I highly recommend her services. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the ease of doing business with her, the open lines of communication and her sassy style. An A+"

Evelyn Isaia, CEO & Founding Partner, Ratatouille