9 Dos for Presenting With Slides in Person

  1. Do create organized and well-thought-out slides
  2. Do make the font size large enough to be read easily from the back of the room
  3. Do have one core message for your presentation and make sure every slide is connected to that message
  4. Do make sure you can define everything you include in your slides – abbreviations, acronyms, etc.
  5. Do only present slides that you have created yourself
  6. Do position the computer as a confidence monitor so you can see your slides easily without having to turn around and look at the large screen
  7. Do use a remote control so you can advance the slides without having to stand right next to the computer
  8. Do use high-quality photos and images that will visually explain your points
  1. Do use as many slides as necessary to communicate your message within the allotted time