Gilda's Coaching Helps Author Improve Presentations During Book Tour

Gilda Bonanno LLC Presentation Skills Coaching Case Study

How did Presentation Skills Coaching with Gilda Bonanno improve the client's condition?

Case Study #2: Consultant and author improves his presentation skills to better engage the audience on his book tour and during workshops to promote his business

Background: A consultant and author who markets consulting, coaching and workshops to equity research analysts wanted to become more comfortable speaking on his book tour and to promote his services.

Coaching: He sent me the video of an educational workshop he presented to potential clients. Over the phone, we discussed how he could improve, referring to specific moments in the video that we were both watching.

He changed how he explained his background so he could better leverage his Wall Street experience.  I suggested strategies such as  using a remote to advance the slides so he could get out from behind the lectern and connect to the audience.  We redesigned the exercise he used during the workshop to clarify the goals and directions.

Results: Implementing the changes I recommended, he became more confident and more successful at using speaking opportunities to communicate his expertise and sell his consulting, coaching and workshops.

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