We're flying! We're flying!

I fly – a lot.  In the last 9 months, I’ve been on more than 35 flights, all throughout North America and to international locations such as Rio de Janeiro, London, Rome, Shanghai and Madras.

While I appreciate the complexity of getting a plane off the ground and safely to its destination, I’m usually blasé about it, as are most other passengers. 

Recently, I was on a flight from JFK to Chicago and we were first in line for take-off.  The plane was silent, except for the usual mechanical creaks and groans as it increased speed.  Just as the wheels lifted off the ground and we began to lift into the air, I heard the joyful and exuberant voice of a little boy sitting a few rows in front of me, “We’re flying! We’re flying!” 

Everyone around him smiled and I’m smiling as I remember it.  He was so thrilled and he reminded us all how amazing it is for this incredibly heavy and complex machine to lift off the ground and fly. 

His enthusiasm was contagious – and made me wonder if we can muster up even a fraction of that enthusiasm for our work, our experiences or our communications? If not, why not?

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