Suzanne Bates on Award Acceptance Speeches

Check out the following blog post, "You Like Me, Right Now, You Like Me," by Suzanne Bates, communications expert and author of Speak Like a CEO.

She outlines a winning formula for giving an acceptance speech when receiving an award.  As a former TV anchor, she often had to emcee awards banquets and she shares some horror stories about speakers who went over their time limit:

"More often than I care to remember I had to move toward the podium, and give a loquacious recipient a less than subtle nod. My next intervention would be the hairy eyeball. When all else failed, more desperate measures were required. Once I actually walked up to a woman who had gone 20 minutes on a five minute speech and touched her on the elbow. She kept going. I interrupted and apologized that it was a great story but we were over time. She ignored me and went five more minutes. I kid you not. You cannot make this stuff up."

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