Patricia Fripp on Award Acceptance Speeches

Check out this post by Executive Speaking Coach Patricia Fripp

It's full of valuable tips to help you craft an award acceptance speech that is "gracious, grateful and humble." For example, "Whenever you have some advance notice, be sure to ask how long you are expected to speak. The shorter your time slot, the more you will need to practice! When the time comes, look directly at the audience. Never read your remarks. You can walk up on stage with notes, but they should consist of a few bulleted points."

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I had a chance to hear Pat Fripp present at the 2009 NSA Convention in Phoenix and she was terrific! She coached audience members on improving their stories and demonstrated that a few changes can make a big difference to a speech. (And she's so well-known and respected in the professional speaker world that she's known as just "Fripp.")

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