Brian Walter to Present "Sticky Content" for NSA-CT 10/19

The National Speakers Association - CT Chapter Presents
Brian Walter, CSP: STICKY CONTENT — Use Mini Brands and Production Values to Make Your Messaging Memorable
Saturday, October 19
Best Western Hotel, North Haven, CT

Your clients say they hire you for your content expertise. (Would be nice if that were true.) The reality is, they actually hired you to give their audiences an extreme experience. Brian Walter, communications consultant and corporate humorist with Extreme Meetings, will show you how to make your speech’s messaging dramatically more sticky. How will he do that? 

With an action-packed, example-laden, steal-these-ideas session on memory-enhancing platform skills. He’ll show you how to use Mini-Brands to make your content unforgettable, and boost the action in interACTION!
Learner Outcomes:
  • How to increase audience involvement (When it’s literally and physically about THEM your content truly is unforgettable)
  • How to use transform a speech component into a “routine” (Adding production values heightens the experience and increases the imprint on audience members’ brains…thus increasing memorability)
  • How to use at least six different platform formats for extreme impact (C’mon…you don’t just want to understand this stuff, you want to swipe and use it now)
About the Speaker:
Since 1998, Brian Walter’s Extreme Meetings has “infotained” audiences from 10 to 10,000. He is a unique blend of internal and external communication expertise. Over a 25+ year career, Brian has been an advertising director, marketing & sales director, radio & TV commercial producer, copywriter, communications manager, speech coach, video producer, management trainer, consultant and professional speaker. 
He’s even a Guinness Book of World Records holder for producing the world’s shortest TV commercial. Brian has earned the elite Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association, and is also a member of Meeting Professionals International.
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