Use Your Password to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

To combat the fear of public speaking and overcome the negative voice in your head (that says, "You’re going to fail,” right before you open your mouth to present), I recommend using a positive affirmation or mantra.  

A mantra is a term borrowed from meditation and yoga that means a word or phrase that you repeat to yourself to focus your mind and energy. Your mantra should be personally meaningful to you and should be a phrase that you can believe.  

You use your mantra to drown out that negative voice and boost your confidence while you’re building your presentation skills. 

Since it takes practice to get used to saying your mantra instead of listening to that negative voice, so why not make it your computer password? Anytime you log in, you will be reminded of the positive statement.  

You can change some characters so it’s not easy to hack. For example, if your mantra is I’ve got this,” then your password could be: IVg0thi$
Or if your mantra is RESPECT (from the Aretha Franklin song), then your password could be: Re$4ect

Have fun coming up with different mantras and passwords until you find one that resonates with you and is easy to remember.  You’ll be on your way to more confident public speaking, using a secure log-in.  So you get cyber security and confidence building all in one!

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