What Filter Gets in the Way of Your Vision?

by Gilda Bonanno

I recently went to the optical store at the mall because I needed a new pair of sunglasses.

The first pair I tried on made everything yellow.  For a few minutes, that yellow-tinted world became my reality.  The blue sky, visible through the window, became green.  The red sweater I was wearing, viewed through the yellow tint, looked orange. 

The yellow-tinted world was true for me, but it was not real.  Someone else looking at these same things, but without the yellow sunglasses, would have seen entirely different colors.

That got me thinking about my view of the world in general.  How is my view of certain people or situations colored by the mental filter I’m wearing?

Like the sunglasses, I use the filter to protect myself from information overload or unhelpful details.  But, like the sunglasses, the filter can also impair my vision and prevent me seeing people or situations in a clear light.

The next time you are so sure that your vision of a situation is correct, take just a moment to consider whether there is another view of reality that you could see if you just adjusted or removed your filter. 

And as for the yellow sunglasses, I took them off – and replaced them with sunglasses that show everything in true color.

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