Presentation Prep Framework

 The next time you have to give a presentation, use the following framework to ensure you are clear, effective and confident.  

1.       Plan your presentation (plan early!)
  • What general topic are you presenting on?
  • How long do you have to present?
  • Understand other logistics: how many people, who are they, room setup, order of presentation, present seated vs. standing, etc.)
2.      Prepare content
  • What is your message – the one thing you want people to remember from your presentation?
  • What supporting information will you provide to convey that message?
  • Outline it: introduction, points 1-3, conclusion
  • Create notes that you will use to deliver it (1 piece of cardstock paper or 1 big card – printed or handwritten in large font)
3.       Practice (practice early and often!)
  • Practice for fluency, timing and getting comfortable with notes
  • You are not memorizing word for word, but getting comfortable with the material  - make any final adjustments to content well in advance of actual presentation day
  • Practice your delivery out loud (can record yourself): be aware of your body language – voice, facial expressions, gesture, posture, movement, eye contact
  • Practice your “pregame ritual” and your confident self-talk

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