Gilda's results are so good we keep bringing her back for more

"Gilda is an excellent resource for our employee skill building and development.  We first partnered with her to teach our team how to develop and deliver more effective, clear and concise presentations.  The results were so good that we brought her back to do more presentation skills training with another group of employees and also our finance team which was preparing to present overseas to International customers and colleagues. 

Gilda focuses on results and customizes her programs to our specific business needs.  We also asked her  to help our employees work more effectively with each other both on formal teams and informally.  She created and delivered a custom teamwork program where she taught participants how to adapt their behavior to work better with each other and be open to others' input and ideas to solve problems.

We value our long term relationship with Gilda.  And her results-focused, impactful training is interactive and engaging, even for a group of skeptical, seasoned chartering and operations managers.  I highly recommend her." Linda Doherty, Human Resource Manager, Heidmar

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