The First Day of School

For many in my state of Connecticut, tomorrow is the first day of a new school year.  I love this time of year and fondly remember my own back-to-school days (though back in my day, school started after the Labor Day holiday). 

I loved the smell of new pencils, the feel of fresh notebooks, the exciting potential of what we were going to learn and seeing my friends again after what felt like a long time - because summer seemed to stretch for so many days that I filled with reading, ice cream and play!

While out running errands today, I met three little girls: Liliana, Annabella and her older sister, who are getting ready to start 1st, 4th and 5th grades tomorrow.  They were so excited about the first day of school and their enthusiasm was contagious.  Even Liliana's little brother, Daniel, who is too young for kindergarten, shared their excitement.  Annabella was delighted to practice the Italian she was learning with me and she said she was too excited to even sleep tonight!

It is such a contrast from how most of us adults approach learning something new or even the start of a new workday.

Somewhere along the way, many of us lose our our optimism and excitement about learning and even our enthusiasm and joy about life in general.  

Watching children can remind us of that excitement and challenge us to recommit ourselves to lifelong learning and to living joyfully. 

To all the children starting school, I wish you success and happiness so you can have fun and learn all that you can. (And a big thank you to the teachers who make such a positive difference in so many lives!)

And to all of the adults, what are you looking forward to learning this year? How can you live with more joy and enthusiasm, despite whatever challenges life has thrown at you?