Marist CT Alumni Networking Event, 5/17

I'm excited to once again be presenting for fellow Marist Alumni and friends!
Join us for a networking reception and interactive workshop on the topic 'Connect With Confidence' 

Tuesday, May 17
6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Local Kitchen and Bar
Fairfield, Connecticut
Tuesday, May 17

Connect With Confidence 
For all the opportunities you have to connect with others, whether through meetings, presentations or networking, confidence is crucial to your success. In order to have people listen to you and take your ideas seriously, you have to plan in advance to present the right amount of information, with clear and focused organization, delivered in a credible and engaging manner. 

Benefits Include: 
• Develop and communicate self-confidence 
• Express your message clearly and concisely 
• Create an effective process for planning, preparing and practicing your content and delivery 
• Use powerful body language (voice, gestures, movement, eye contact) to engage your audience and enhance your personal brand

About GIlda Bonanno '93 
Gilda Bonanno is a speaker, trainer and coach who helps people improve their presentation and communication skills so they can be more successful. She achieves these results by combining her business background with her improv comedy performance experience and a conviction that with the right training and practice, anyone can become a more effective communicator. She has worked with executives and entrepreneurs throughout North America and in South America, Europe, China, India and Thailand. 
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