Gilda Bonanno’s VHFP Formula for Increasing Your Energy When Presenting

by Gilda Bonanno LLC 

When you’re presenting, you need to demonstrate energy to captivate and engage the audience.  Even excellent content will be lost if you speak in a lifeless monotone while slouching with your arms hanging stiffly at your sides. 

Here is my VHFP formula to develop and convey energy when you’re presenting:

Your voice needs to have variety in all its aspects, including tone, volume, rate and pitch.  These changes signal meaning to the audience in the same way that punctuation signals meaning to a reader.  For example, you can pause slightly before an important word or speak louder with more enunciation when saying a significant phrase. 

You can convey energy by using your hands for natural gestures to illustrate what you’re talking about.  When not making a gesture, your hands should be hanging loosely at your sides, not clutching your notes nervously or jammed in your pockets. 

You also need to be aware of your facial expressions.  They should match your content and show that you’re alert and confident.  Make eye contact with people in the audience and when appropriate, smile - and not just a little smile with your mouth, but a smile that “lights up” your whole face and reaches your eyes. 

An energized posture means that you stand up straight, shoulders back, with your weight evenly distributed on both feet.  Your knees are relaxed, not locked.  You are not standing at attention like a soldier or slouching like a teenager hanging out with friends.

Following the VHFP Formula will enable you to become an energized presenter, help your content come alive to the audience and keep their attention engaged.  

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