Phone Pres Skills for Fin Advisors: 4 Strategies for Building Trust Over the Phone

Here’s a question I was asked in a recent teleseminar by a financial advisor about delivering and soliciting information over the phone:

 j0433973.jpgQuestion: I’m a financial advisor. Most of the first phone calls I have are about building trust with the client.  The more they talk, the better for me because I’m able to gather a lot of information from them.  But in a 30-minute call, at some point I need to jump in with my “pitch” or to just give my message to them and I don’t want to cut them off in the middle of a conversation. 

How do you manage that when you want them to feel comfortable, but time is kicking in and you need to be sure that there are certain points you’ve made before the call is over? What do I say?

This is a common problem for financial advisors and others who need to deliver as well as solicit information during a phone call. 

Read my 4 strategies for handling the call - here on my Constant Contact Community Blog Post: