Gilda's Coaching Helps Account Exec Exceed Targets

Gilda Bonanno LLC Presentation Skills Coaching Case Study

How did Presentation Skills Coaching with Gilda Bonanno improve the client's condition?

Case Study #2: Account executive learns how to slow down and sound energized over the phone and gets promoted to manager

Background: An account executive at a fast growing B2B firm sounded rushed and mumbling when making cold calls to potential clients and leaving voicemails for them. His goal was to get more in-person sales meetings so he could get new business and meet his sales targets.

Coaching: I listened in on his phone calls and voicemails and we did several practice recordings.  In order for him to sound more animated, energetic and enthusiastic, he practiced varying his voice’s pitch, tone, pace and volume, when/how to breathe and pause and his articulation of words.  We developed three call templates (one for each kind of potential customer) and he recorded himself using the templates on live calls, comparing the "before" calls to the "after" calls and noting the improvement in energy, articulation and pace. 

Results: After a few coaching sessions, he slowed down from an average 15-20 seconds per voicemail to 45 seconds. He was able to reach his target of 40 sales calls per quarter, improving his pipeline and achieving 75% of his annual quota in just 6 months. 

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