Gilda's Coaching Helps Private Banker Get More Clients

Gilda Bonanno LLC Presentation Skills Coaching Case Study

How did Presentation Skills Coaching with Gilda Bonanno improve the client's condition?

Case Study #1: Private banker learns how to prepare and organize her material and improves the conversion of prospects into clients

Background: A private banker for a large investment firm felt like she was rambling and boring when she had to talk about herself in meetings with potential clients and explain how the firm’s products and services could help them build and preserve their wealth.

Coaching: During a few in-person coaching sessions, we discussed what was unique about her.  Together we developed the three key elements of her story: her many years of experience, her focus on customer service and the fact that the firm’s leaders respected her skills enough to invite her to be a wealth manager.  We practiced so she could share her story with confidence in a short amount of time and without rambling.

Results: Within a few weeks, she reported that planning and organizing what she wanted to say had boosted her confidence.  She could see her clients’ eyes light up when she hit her three points because they understood and connected with what she was saying.  As a result, she was more effective at converting prospects into clients and developing relationships with current clients.

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