Scott McKain: Don't Speak From the Heart

Organizational distinction and customer experience expert Scott McKain has written an interesting post, "Why a speaker shouldn’t “speak from the heart” — and a professional shouldn’t focus on passion…"

He shares advice from speaking coach Ron Arden and challenges the commonly-held notion that speakers should "speak from the heart."  Here are some excerpts from Scott's post: 

  • When speakers (or just about any other professional) fail, it is very seldom because they didn’t put enough “heart” into their presentation. 
  • It’s because they failed to develop the skill required to do their job in an extraordinary manner.
The hard – and critical – lesson I learned is that most people fail NOT because they aren’t passionate enough about what they do…it’s because they haven’t become skillful enough to create distinction in the marketplace.

Write (or choose, or plan, or createfrom the heart…
speak (or paint, or make a sales call, or prescribe medical advice, or whatever you dofrom skill. 

Read the rest of Scott's post here:

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