Friday, January 30, 2015

Murphy's Law of Presenting With Technology

Murphy’s Law states that whatever can go wrong, will.  And when you’re giving a presentation using any kind of technology, from a projector to a phone, Murphy’s Law definitely applies.  I’ve seen or experienced all of these examples, and while some can be prevented or prepared for, they are all nerve-wracking when they occur!

1.    If you are hosting a conference call on your cell phone, the call will drop at the most crucial moment of the discussion.

2.    The battery on your lavaliere microphone will die out slowly, causing your voice to break in and out - before finally quitting completely at the high point of your presentation (and just as the A/V tech has left the room).

3.    The battery on your PowerPoint remote control will suddenly go haywire, causing your presentation to jump forward and back like it’s possessed.

4.    The wireless network in your meeting room will kick you off during a live presentation, moments after you’ve been ensured that the network is stable and there will be no problem accessing it live during your presentation.

5.    In the middle of your slide presentation, your laptop will begin downloading automatic updates and then shut down and restart slowly to fully install those updates. 

6.    The webinar software you’re using will stop working for no reason at all, but only once everyone has joined the webinar and only if your most important client or partner is participating.

7.    If you are using a wired headset to connect to a conference call, the wire will inexplicably stop working (perhaps due to yanking it one too many times, when you forgot you were tethered) and it will take you 6 minutes to realize that people can’t hear you.

8.    The mute button will malfunction on the speaker phone that you’re using for your conference call, which you’ll only realize after you’ve made a negative comment about someone on the call.

9.    The microphone will emit eardrum-piercing feedback in the first few seconds of your presentation, even after you’re done a sound check.

10. The bulb on the slide projector will blow out during your slide presentation - and there will be no replacement bulb within a 4 mile radius.

What examples have you seen or experienced of Murphy’s Law of Presenting With Technology?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Client Testimonial for Gilda Bonanno

"Gilda Bonanno is a consummate professional willing to share her high level of expertise in networking with any size or type of business group. Her methods appeal to the entrepreneur or the seasoned veteran or mid-career individual, crossing multiple generations. 

In addition, Gilda provides tangible strategies to implement right away. I highly recommend Gilda to help your business put its best foot forward."

-Linda Burhance, Owner, Apparel Development Consulting

Contact Gilda to find out how she can help you with tangible strategies to improve your networking skills so you can grow your business and increase your success:

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Communication Skills Framework

(C) Gilda Bonanno 2015

Each communication skill is an important component of  your professional success.  

Which ones do you excel at? And which ones do you need to work on?

Contact me to discuss how we can work together to improve your skills and achieve your goals.  

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Make 2015 the Year You Improve Your Presentation Skills

Make 2015 the year of better presentation skills!

Make this the year you commit to improving your presentation skills so you can increase your confidence, influence and success. 

Stop hiding in meetings and hoping that you don't get asked to give a presentation. 

Stop experiencing nerves, anxiety or fear when facing an audience. 

Stop worrying that your presentation will be boring or too long or not as impactful as you'd like - and know it can and should be. 

Overcome this obstacle to your career development and add "successful presenter" to your professional brand. 

If you're ready to finally get serious about taking your skills to the next level and letting your voice be heard, I'm here to work with you and help you achieve your goals. 

Executive Presentation Skills Coaching
I have limited openings in my presentation skills coaching program. We can work in-person or virtually via phone or video.  

Presentation skills coaching is for everyone who gives presentations, regardless of whether you are an executive or entrepreneur in corporate, non-profit, academia or government. 

I have worked with people from all backgrounds, including CEOs, sales executives, entrepreneurs, doctors and authors. My clients have learned to master all aspects of presentation skills, from speaking with confidence to handling questions to engaging the audience.  

Virtual Presentations Audio Course
If you'd prefer more self-directed learning, check out my audio course: Virtual Presentations - How to Develop and Deliver an Effective Presentation Over the Phone

This course includes the audio recordings and written transcripts from the 3-session teleclass, so you can listen and read at your own pace.  

Learn how to overcome the challenges of delivering a virtual presentation so you can confidently and competently communicate to any audience even when they can't see you.

What Gilda's Clients Say
With Gilda, you will see results
"Gilda was a great resource in developing my presentation skills.She simplifies things so that they can easily be remembered and implemented. Not only that, she is an absolute pleasure to work with. If you are looking for an organized, honest coach, look no further. You will see results!"
Joe Ort, Sales Operations Manager

Gilda helped me step up my game
"After just a few sessions together, Gilda pointed me in the right direction. She uncovered some bad habits and replaced them with new and effective ones that today are helping me to convert prospect in to clients. Gilda has helped me to organize my thoughts and plan out my presentations so that I am better prepared and more confident. I am grateful to Gilda and for the help she has given me to become a more effective salesperson."
Judith Giangoia, Private Banker/Vice President, Wells Fargo Private Bank, New York 

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

9 Dos for Presenting With Slides

by Gilda Bonanno 

1.    Do create organized and well-thought-out slides.
2.    Do make the font size large enough to be read easily from the back of the room.
3.    Do have one core message for your presentation and make sure every slide is connected to that message.
4.    Do make sure you can define everything you include in your slides – abbreviations, acronyms, etc.
5.    Do only present slides that you have created yourself.
6.    Do position the computer as a confidence monitor so you can see your slides easily without having to turn around and look at the large screen.
7.    Do use a remote control so you can advance the slides without having to stand right next to the computer.
8.    Do use high-quality photos and images that will visually explain your points.
9.    Do use as many slides as necessary to communicate your message within the allotted time.
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