12 Don’ts for Presenting With Slides

by Gilda Bonanno LLC www.gildabonanno.com

1.  Don’t clutter the slides with everything you know

2.  Don’t say to the audience, “I know you cannot read this, but…”

3.  Don’t include information on your slides that is irrelevant  to the one message you are trying to convey

4.  Don’t write out your script in your slides

5.  Don’t put anything on your slides that you can’t explain

6.  Don’t turn your back to the audience in order to face the big screen

7.  Don’t manually advance the slides, thus forcing you to remain tethered to the computer

8.  Don’t fill your slides only with text – also use graphics

9.  Don’t present someone else’s slides

10. Don’t let arbitrary limits on the number of slides you can have prevent you from using as many slides as you need to convey your content clearly within your time limit

11. Don’t forget that you are the presentation and your slides are only the visual aid

12. Don’t let the slides get in the way of your presentation or interfere with your ability to connect with your audience

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