Gilda presents for Starfish Connection

Last month, I had the privilege of presenting a workshop for Stamford-based Starfish Connection, a 501c3 corporation whose mission is to help academically talented youth from low income families reach their potential and their dreams of attending college. 

Your body language can make a
difference in how your communication is perceived
The workshop, Shaking Hands With the World: How to Connect With Adults, used improv comedy exercises to teach communication skills which are useful when students connect with adults in school, jobs, internships and volunteer work. 

Starfish Connection provides mentorship and support in education along with enrichment and extracurricular activities to students throughout their elementary, middle and high school years

The 22 students and their mentors participated in activities designed to help them break out of their  comfort zones, develop confidence , learn how to introduce themselves and understand the power of networking.

Starfish Connection was founded in Stamford, CT in 2008 by David and Judith Martin in memory of their mothers, June Martin and Rhoda Reasenberg.

To find out more or donate money, computers or gently used muscial instruments, please visit  

Practicing the all-important handshake -
useful when meeting adults, networking and interviewing
Gilda with Starfish Connection co-founder Judy Martin
Mentors and students doing an improv exercise 

All photos courtesy of Bernie Weiss