How to Deliver Slides

by Gilda Bonanno LLC

If you are using slides as part of your presentation, here are 8 tips for delivering them effectively:

1.    Use a PowerPoint remote control so you can advance the slides without having to be tethered to the computer.

2.    Black out the screen when you don’t need the slides (for example, during audience exercises or Q&A) so you can stand front and center.

3.    Stand to the left of the screen so the audience, which reads left to right, will see you and then your slides.  (This also applies even if the screen is above you).

4.    Decide what you want to say for each slide – what is the message? If there is more than one message, considering splitting the material into two slides).

5.    Focus on how to begin your voiceover of the slide and how to end it.

6.    Practice a clear transition to the next slide so you don’t end up saying “um,” “ah,”…

7.    Decide if you want to give copies of your slides to the audience (they will read ahead) – or provide a document with the same content rather than slide copies.

8.    Face the audience and make eye contact with them - position the computer so you can see the computer screen rather than having to turn and face the big screen to see what’s coming next.

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