Bold Presentation Skills – What Does It Mean To Be Bold?

by Gilda Bonanno LLC  

I often speak about the need for people to develop Bold Presentation Skills.

But what does it mean to be bold?

When I asked a recent audience, “When you hear the word “bold”, what comes to mind?” here are the responses:











These are great words! They describe the goal of where we want to be with bold presentation skills.

Just like you use bold font when you’re typing because you want the bold words to stand out, you use bold presentation skills because you want your message to stand out. 

When you present, you want to be distinctive and have people remember you and your message. You don’t want to hide in the background and be a wallflower. You want to be front and center, because you have something worth saying.

Being bold is not about being loud and crazy.  It’s not about showing off.  It’s not all about you.  It’s all about your audience.  It’s about using your talents and your experience to share your knowledge with the audience so they can be more successful.

In 2012, I was the keynote speaker at the Women in Business Summit, presenting "Bold Presentation Skills" to a engaged and enthusiastic audience. Here is the news story from CT Cares Media:

(video courtesy of Adam Chiara, CT Cares Media)
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