Be Yourself When You Present

In order to be a powerful, engaging and effective presenter, you have to be yourself.

First of all, you have been asked to give this presentation for a reason, maybe because of your subject matter expertise or because the audience already knows you and trusts you. Maybe it is because nobody else would do it; you were the person who wasn’t there at the meeting, so you got volunteered (that’s okay – it happens.  Take advantage of the opportunity).

Whatever the reason you’ve been asked to present, take advantage of the opportunity to communicate with the audience

Be confident in who you are.  You have to believe that you have something worth saying that is worth listening to. Unless you believe that, the audience will never believe you.

Get over your fear and get comfortable with yourself.  That confidence will help you connect with the audience and be a more powerful speaker.
And while it is fine to watch and learn from other speakers, be careful not to imitate anyone completely.  It is like wearing somebody else’s clothes. The outfit may look great on the other person, but once you put it on, you find it ill-fitting and uncomfortable.  Tailor anything you learn from others to fit your distinctive style and personality.

Tap into your own unique skills and abilities when you are presenting. Leverage your knowledge and experience.  Use any examples that you think might be meaningful, particularly examples that are “uniquely you.”

The audience will appreciate you being your best, most sincere self, when you give your presentation.
by Gilda Bonanno
Gilda Bonanno's blog