Telephone Presentations Course: Old Tech Needs Training for New Uses in Today’s Dispersed Work World

In use in business for more than a century, the telephone has no glamour and sparks little training at most companies today.  According to executive presentation skills coach Gilda Bonanno, however, most people don’t know how to keep listeners’ attention during an important phone presentation, resulting in boredom, frustration, miscommunication and added costs to correct all that.  Bonanno’s new audio course, “Virtual Presentations - How to Develop and Deliver an Effective Presentation Over the Phone,” remedies this training oversight.

“With globalization, off-shoring, some employees working from home and others at remote locations, the telephone is an indispensable tool for communicating with clients, partners, vendors and staff,” says Bonanno, founder of Gilda Bonanno LLC, a presentation skills coaching company.  “It’s definitely not true that anyone who is able to talk on the phone knows how to make sure listeners stay tuned in, understand the information and will act on it after the call ends.  I developed a course on this after seeing first-hand the negative consequences of poor phone presentations for both entrepreneurs and corporate folks.”

Bonanno’s new course covers:
* Energizing your voice to command attention when listeners can’t see your facial expressions or gestures and you can’t see their expressions and body language

* Structuring your material so listeners can follow the information more easily

* Deciding whether or not to use slides - and creating effective, easy-to-read slides if you do

* The best posture to use when presenting over the phone, and why (not what you’d probably expect)

* Tips for sticking to the allotted time, handling questions and learning from feedback

* How to handle technical glitches or interruptions during a high-stakes call - and much more

“Whether you’re presenting to potential clients or investors, shareholders, company team members, vendors or strategic partners, you need to know how to keep them focused on your message and motivated to take action,” Bonanno says.  “Business people can get much better at this and eliminate a common obstacle to their professional success.”

The Virtual Presentations audio course consists of three one-hour MP3 recordings and PDF transcripts of the content.  The cost is $397.  For further information on the Virtual Presentations course or to purchase it, go to

About Gilda Bonanno
Gilda Bonanno is a coach, speaker and trainer who helps people improve their presentation and communication skills so they can be more successful. She has worked with businesspeople throughout North America and in South America, Europe, China, India and Thailand. She is a certified Project Management Practitioner (PMP) and past president of the CT chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and the southern CT chapter of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).