New Virtual Presentations Course

by Gilda Bonanno LLC

With globalization, off-shoring, some employees working from home and others at remote locations, the telephone is an indispensable tool for communicating with clients, partners, vendors and staff. But most companies provide no training on how to present effectively over the phone. 
People assume that you just "do it," without having to think consciously about it and without realizing that presenting over the phone is a skill that needs to be developed and practiced. The consequences are poor phone presentations where information gets miscommunicated, leading to problems, misunderstanding and frustration between people, objectives not being understood or achieved, poor performance, and people not paying attention during boring phone presentations while the person delivering the information assumes that everyone understood it and will act on it (but they didn't and won't).
To remedy the problem of sloppy communication over the phone, I developed an audio course, “Virtual Presentations - How to Develop and Deliver an Effective Presentation Over the Phone,” which consists of three one-hour MP3 recordings and PDF transcripts of the content.   For further information on the Virtual Presentations course or to purchase it, go to

Whether you’re presenting to potential clients or investors, shareholders, company team members, vendors or strategic partners, you need to know how to keep them focused on your message and motivated to take action.   With the Virtual Presentations course, you learn how to overcome the challenges of delivering a virtual presentation so you can confidently and competently communicate to any audience even when they can't see you.

“Virtual Presentations - How to Develop and Deliver an Effective Presentation Over the Phone”

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