Learn How to Give a Successful Phone Presentation

by Gilda Bonanno LLC www.gildabonanno.com

The phone is a fairly low-tech tool these days and many people assume that if you can have a phone conversation, then you are capable of doing a presentation over the phone. But it's definitely not true that anyone who is able to talk on the phone knows how to make sure listeners stay tuned in, understand the information and act on it after the call ends.

Phone presentations are especially difficult because you can't see your audience and know whether they are paying attention and are understanding you. And the audience can't see your gestures or facial expressions.

For example, I tend to use a lot of gestures in person to communicate and I also like to walk into the audience if I can, so not being able to use that non-verbal body language over the phone made it challenging. I learned how to use my voice and organize my content in order to keep the audience engaged and connect with them. 

In my new audio course, “Virtual Presentations - How to Develop and Deliver an Effective Presentation Over the Phone,”  I explain this and other techniques for making sure the audience pays attention and understands what you're communicating.  For example:

* The best posture to use when presenting over the phone, and why (not what you’d probably expect)

* Tips for sticking to the allotted time, handling questions and learning from feedback
* Strategies for eliminating filler words such as "um" and "ah"
* How to deal with mild anxiety as well as mind-numbing fear
* What to do if absolutely no one responds when you ask for questions (and how to prevent this from happening in the first place)
* and much more....

For further information on the Virtual Presentations course or to purchase it, go to http://www.gildabonanno.com/Pages/VirtualPresentationsRecordings.aspx
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