Ferrazzi's Social Capitalist Interviews Body Language Expert Joe Navarro

Click on the link below for an interesting interview with Joe Navarro, one of the original founding members of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Program, who shares his fascinating insights into the power of non-verbal communications.

The interview was conducted by Tahl Raz, of master networker Keith Ferrazzi's Social Capitalist organization. Here are some excerpts:
"So, you begin to appreciate the power of nonverbals to influence others. You don’t walk into a room and say, "Hi, I’m here to influence you." We are influenced, we are seduced, by very subtle things. It doesn’t matter what profession you’re going into. We’re basically dealing with people."

"I tell business people, 'You’re in the same business I was in. You do two things every day that I did: You observe and you communicate. And if you fail on one or the other, you will fail in your business. You will fail in your enterprise, because if you can’t observe changes, if you can’t observe how people react to you and your message, then you don’t know how to communicate.'"

"I would argue that so-called soft skills are the golden skills that must be mastered...
There’s no way you can succeed in any career if you don’t master these. Be a great observer. Become a great communicator—and that’s both verbal and nonverbal. Create psychological comfort—so people will want to be with you, be around you. Finally, move to action. Do things with anticipation so that they don’t have to ask for it. Move quickly when you’re in front of them. If they hand you a piece of paper to Xerox—run to Xerox it! And what you will find is people will come to you and want to be there because you’re creating the perfect environment for them to be associated with."

Read the rest of the interview here (or listen to the recording):

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