Clay Johnson - How to Prep for a Presentation

Entrepreneur and author Clay Johnson (author of The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption) has written an interesting blog post about how he prepares for a speech.  I have written extensively about the importance of practice and finding a process that works for you - and Clay has clearly given a lot of thought to how he gets ready to give a presentation.

Here is one of Clay's recommendations:

Know the Scene

The first piece of prep you need to do should come weeks before you're scheduled to give your talk. Know what the room will look like, where you'll be, what the equipment will be like, and the structure of the event. Here's the bare minimum of the questions you should ask to anyone putting on the event:
  1. How many people will be there?
  2. Who are they, and what do you think they want to hear about?
  3. Will there be a screen?
  4. How big will that screen be?
  5. Will I have a microphone? What kind of microphone will I have? (over ear, wired, podium)
  6. What kind of slides can I present? Powerpoint, PDF, Keynote, Prezi?
  7. Will this be run off of my laptop or your system, and do I need to bring a dongle?
  8. Will I have a screen on stage to see the current slide?
  9. Can I also have a screen on stage to see the next slide (i.e. presenter's mode. super handy)
  10. Will this be recorded?
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