Signs of Confusion

This sign was posted in the hotel where I conducted training recently in southern California.

The sign is confusing and fails to communicate its message strongly. 

I assume that whoever created the sign wanted people to know that because events such as meetings and parties are held in this section of the hotel, there is the likelihood of loud music, which could cause hearing impairment.

However, the wording is confusing - I had to read it a few times before I got the message.

There are several grammatical errors - "increase" should be "increased," for example.  And the order of the clauses is confusing.

How did this confusing message end up on the final sign? Either the person creating the sign thought the message was clear, or he or she didn't bother to proofread it.

The next time you have to write an email or stand up in front of a group and present, remember that you are creating a message - and that message should be clear and strong rather than garbled and confusing.

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