Gilda's Photos - Xian, China

In between training programs in Shanghai, China, I was able to visit Xi'an and see the sights, including the famous Terracotta Warriors. 

With a Laughing Buddha at a Buddhist Temple in Xi'an, China

The Hanyang tomb, resting spot of emperor Liu Qi, of the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD)
In contrast to the Terracotta Warriors,
burial objects unearthed in this tomb include clay figurines of farm
animals, people, tapestries and jars.
A display outlining the tomb.  Long pits radiate from the central tomb,
each representing a different part of the emperor's administration.

A burial pit, seen from above.
 You cover your shoes with plastic and walk on a glass floor
to see into the pits.

(Photos courtesy of NU)

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