"The Master Negotiator" Greg Williams - NSA-CT 10/17 Meeting

Greg Williams: How to Read & Use Body Language When Negotiating
National Speakers Association - CT Chapter (NSA-CT) Meeting  
Monday, Oct. 17, 2011, 6-9 pm

Every business discussion includes negotiation. Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator, will share body language revelations that assist you in controlling and mastering the body language signals you emit when negotiating and in your personal life.

To accurately assess the other person’s plan, you must first consider the image you wish to project and the role that your body language will play. Then determine how you will cast the role you will play during the negotiation.

By attending this presentation, you will discover how to read body language and increase your negotiation skills. With your enhanced and new-found skills, you will be able to negotiate better in business and in your personal life.

The presentation will cover:
  • Explanation of what body language (nonverbal communications) really is and why everyone that negotiates should increase their expertise in this area
  • How to detect when someone is lying, based on their body language
  • How to ask the ‘right’ questions to progress the negotiation more expediently
  • Mindset: when negotiating, don’t assume the other person thinks and/or perceives situations the same as you
  • How to change your perspective (the way/angle from which you view situations)
If you want to jump-start or enhance your career, get more of what you want in your personal life, or just gain more confidence when dealing with people, you must attend this presentation.

About Greg Williams
Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator, is a people-oriented business professional, with an extensive background in the areas of negotiation, motivation and success strategies.

He is the author of the intriguing negotiation book, “Negotiate: Afraid, ‘Know’ More" and the soon-to-be-released new book titled, “Negotiate and Read Body Language: Negotiation Strategies to Get What You Want.”

Greg has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs, discussing negotiation tactics and strategies.

His new video DVD, “How to Read and Use Body Language When Negotiating” and his new audio CD, “Winning Negotiation Strategies Using Body Language and Physiognomics” are the latest entry of hit products that Greg has created, to heighten the knowledge of those wishing to learn more about negotiation strategies and tactics.

 He is past president of the New Jersey Chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA-NJ) and was appointed by Gov. Whitman as past chairman of the New Jersey Business Development Authority.

Oct. 17, 2011
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Hilton Garden Inn
25 Old Stratford Road
Shelton, CT 06484

Free to Members/Associates
$30.00 for Guests
For more details or to register, please visit http://nsact.org/meetinginfo.php?id=21&ts=1316462504
Greg is also conducting a bonus session on the same day, 3:30-5:00  Negotiate Like a Master: Close more sales, make higher-dollar sales, and increase your client "satisfaction" with the deal.

You're always negotiating, both in your business and personal life. Come to this Bonus Session with your most pressing negotiation issues, past or future - anything from negotiating a deal with a client to resolving an issue with a tenant to fixing a problem with your business partner.

Get instant insights from Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator, into how you can be more successful in that negotiation. In a small group setting, Greg will show you how you can negotiate more effectively to achieve results such as closing a deal, getting extra dollars from it or saving a client or personal relationship.

For more details or for separate registration,  visit http://nsact.org/meetinginfo.php?id=30&ts=1317041056

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