Quick Fixes for Hard-to-Read PowerPoint Slides

Here are quick fixes for two common problems with PowerPoint slides:

Problem: Text is Not Legible
The font size may look legible on your laptop and computer screen, but not when it's projected onto a large screen at the front of the room.

Quick Fixes:
• Make the font larger than you think you need to
• Use less text on each slide
• Split the text onto multiple slides
• Test the slides in the room before you present, when you still have time to fix them

Problem: Bottom Half of the Screen Can't Be Seen
When the floor is flat (as opposed to inclined) and the screen is not mounted up on the wall or on a stage, the bottom part of the screen can get blocked by the people/chairs in the audience, so the people behind them can't see it.

Quick Fixes:
• Elevate the screen
• Put the most important information on the top half of the slide
• Don't cram the slide so full of information and words that you need the bottom part of the slide

And the ultimate fix? Ditch the slides. Do you really need them for a 20-minute presentation? The slides are just there to help you and they are not required. Instead, you are the presentation and what you say is required.

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