10 Career Invention Lessons From Coach Nancy Collamer

In honor of her 15th year in business, Nancy Collamer has compiled 10 lessons about career reinvention.  Nancy is the career coach that I worked with when I was changing careers and deciding to start my own business and I highly recommend her services.

One of my favorite lessons from her post is:
5.  Be true to who you are: I've had the great pleasure of interviewing hundreds of clients over the course of my career and I have yet to meet two people with the same mix of talents, skills, interests and values. Honoring who you are and what makes you unique is the first step in aligning yourself with a career that allows you to shine and radiate your brilliance to the world. Perhaps Steve Jobs summed this up best when he addressed the graduates of Stanford University in 2005 and said, "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life."

And thanks to Nancy for mentioning me in Lesson #10: You don't need to be Mother Theresa to do work that matters.

Read the rest of Nancy's career reinvention lessons here: http://www.mylifestylecareer.com/2011/07/15-career-reinvention-tips-in-celebration-of-my-15th-anniversary-as-a-career-coach.html

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