Business Lessons From the Dalai Lama - link

Here is an interesting article, "Business Lessons From the Dalai Lama,"  by Rieva Lesonsky on the American Express OPEN Forum.

It includes lessons such as:

"2. Have a focus - Through his frequent public speaking engagements, writings and visits with international leaders, the Dalai Lama works to fulfill his three major commitments: to promote human values and ethics, foster religious harmony and help the Tibetan people and culture survive. At this particular event, audience members were allowed to ask questions, and no matter what they asked, the Dalai Lama’s answers always referred back to these primary goals. Keeping your business’s mission in mind can help you stay just as focused on your ultimate goals."

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(And thanks to marketing guru Marcia Yudkin for calling my attention to the article!)

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