Gilda to Speak at NSA Convention in Orlando

I'm so excited to be presenting again this year at the National Speakers Association (NSA) Convention in July in Orlando.

I'm presenting during the "Meet the Pros" where each mini-breakout session is in an up-close and personal setting limited to nine attendees, so you can ask the questions that have always been on your mind, meet speakers with similar concerns, or just soak up the information.

My session is:
Improv Comedy Rules! Applying the Five Rules of Improv Comedy to Make Your Presentations More Powerful and Engaging
Improv comedy success is all about being present, trusting yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone. Improv comedian and professional speaker Gilda Bonanno will share the five rules of improv comedy and how to apply them to make your presentations more imaginative and compelling.

If you're attending the NSA Convention, you can attend three Meet the Pros sessions.  Visit to sign up for my session and browse the other sessions that are available.

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