Patricia Fripp on Impromptu Speaking

Executive Speaking Coach Patricia Fripp has written a informative blog post on how to handle the impromptu conversations that arise at work - what she calls mastering "the skill of the water cooler vignette."

Here is an excerpt:
"1. Have something to say that is of interest and topical. Keep up with the news, and peruse your corporate report or newsletter regularly. Have two or three relevant things to say at all times. You can even "rehearse" with a trusted friend for those chance encounters with CEOs.

2. Focus on others. The silver bullet in business and politics is the Like Factor, but it's easy to concentrate so hard on what others are thinking of you, you forget that even VIPs care what others think of them. Know what is going on in your company so you can congratulate people on their achievements or refer to a previous conversation: "How was that trip you took last week?" Your sincere interest in people will make a lasting impression."

I had a chance to hear her present at the 2009 NSA Convention in Phoenix and she was terrific! And I'm looking forward to attending the Odd Couple(R) Seminar with Patricia Fripp and legendary speaker Alan Weiss in a few months.

Read the rest of the post here -

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