Garr Reynolds and the Power of Stories

By Gilda Bonanno LLC

Here is a great reminder from Presentation Zen author Garr Reynolds about the power of stories in presentations; "Stories, that is, that illustrate the content and bring people in, enabling them to "experience" the material in an engaging, visual, and imaginative way.... Stories have an emotional component and when you engage people's emotions, even just a little bit, you stand a better chance of them paying attention and remembering your point (whether or not they agree with you is another matter entirely)."

Read his whole "We Remember from Stories and Experience" post here:
And if you haven't read Presentation Zen, it's a fabulous and beautiful book that challenges the idea of presentations as boring, bullet-heavy slides.  No, I'm not an affiliate for it, but I should be, given how often I recommend it and how much it has influenced the way I create slides.

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