"How to Write a Rude Q&A" - from Scott Berkun

This post is from the blog of author and speaker Scott Berkun. Even though it's from 2007, it's still a great description of how you should prepare for questions that might come up during your presentation. Berkun used to work at Microsoft, where "a Rude Q&A is a list of questions you don’t want to hear about whatever it is you’re working on."

I wasn't familiar with Scott's work until a friend in India suggested I might be interested in his third book, Confessions of a Public Speaker, which was just published. So I checked out his blog and found this useful post. And I'm looking forward to reading his book.

So the next time you have to deliver a presentation, create a "rude Q&A" so you're ready for those tough questions. Read Scott's post to learn how - How to write a rude Q&A

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