Keith Ferrazzi and the Art of Elegance

I'm a huge fan of Keith Ferrazzi, the guru of business relationships and author of Never Eat Alone and most recently, Who's Got Your Back.

One of my favorite quotes from Who's Got Your Back is from Peter Guber, film producer and former head of Sony Pictures: "Elegance is the art of exerting the minimum amount of effort for the maximum effect, the maxiumum amount of power and achievement in our life." Peter challenged Keith to work smarter and allow other people to help him - and reminded him that frenetic activity is not enough to ensure success - his efforts had to be aligned with his goals.

It's an important message for all of us to remember, especially those of us who are business owners. Sometimes it feels like we have to do everything - and do it ourselves. Instead, we have to focus first on what's important to help us achieve our goals and reach out to others for advice and help.

I got a chance to meet Keith Ferrazzi when we both spoke at the National Speakers Association convention in Phoenix, AZ in July. He's the real deal - the same in person as he comes across in his books - smart, self-deprecating, genuine. Here's a photo of me with Keith after he graciously signed a copy of his latest book.

If you're not familiar with Keith and his work, check out his books and read his blog at And the next time you're feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks on your to-do list, practice the art of elegance! Take a breath, focus and reach out for help.

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