Friday, July 31, 2009

Ah, the "Glamorous" Life of a Sleep-Deprived Entrepreneur on the Road

by Gilda Bonanno LLC

A few days after flying back from speaking at the NSA Convention in Phoenix, where it was 115 degrees, I flew to Buffalo, NY to do a 2-day training program for a client.

The first night at the hotel, the people in the room next door were very loud until very late, so I didn't get much sleep.

The second night at the hotel, the fire alarm went off at 1 AM thanks to a cigarette butt thrown into the mulch outside an air conditioning unit. So we evacuated the building and stood outside for 1 hour while the fire department made sure the smoke had dissipated and the building was safe. So I got even less sleep.

The final night in Buffalo, I was scheduled leave on a 6:25 PM plane to JFK. Rushed to the airport in the pouring rain only to find out at the gate that New York was having massive thunderstorms and JFK had closed runways. I remember sitting in the one airport restaurant that remained open after 9 pm, asking the people at the next table, "What city am I in?"

By the time we boarded the plane at 10:30 PM, I was beyond tired. Once we landed in JFK after midnight, there was a further delay because the airline put our bags on the wrong carousel… I finally got home at 2 am and had to reschedule a meeting with a potential client in Manhattan that was scheduled for first thing the next morning because I was too tired to speak coherently.

Moral of the story: Be prepared - what can go wrong, will, and usually in rapid succession. And never schedule a client meeting for the morning after a flight, even if it's "only" a 1-hour flight!

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Martha Williams Jordan said...

ah you life is not so glamorous after all.....but it sure sounds adventurous at least

Gilda Bonanno said...

Yes... not so glamorous, but never a dull moment!