Your Meeting Tips

by Gilda Bonanno LLC

My last post/article was "Meetings That Work." Thank you for sending me your meeting tips - I've shared a few of your suggestions here.

Here's a great tip about the importance of meeting minutes from Paulette, a fellow Project Management Practitioner (PMP):

"Here's one post-meeting step that will make subsequent meetings easier. Produce minutes which capture attendees, basic discussion points leading to a decision and action items with associated responsible parties. When publishing ask for corrections to anything you may have misrepresented. This will make sure all who did not attend are informed. And by asking for corrections, if none are forthcoming then you have received agreement on all topics covered."

Paul shared a useful tip about rotating meeting roles from his experience working at an IT help desk:

"At our weekly team meeting with 10-15 employees and contractors, we would alternate the meeting roles each week - a meeting coordinator to run the meeting and keep to the agenda, a scribe to take notes, record to-do items and send minutes the same day and a timekeeper to keep the meeting on time. The manager was just a meeting attendee like the rest of us, and would be consulted for management-related decisions. If he could not attend that day, we could conduct the meeting anyhow.

It gave all of us a sense of participating in the meeting, rather just listening to a manager drone on and on. It helped people focus, also, since they knew what it was like to be responsible for conducting the meeting. Meetings always seemed to be over quicker, also. Since it was a small group of people we all worked with on a daily basis, it also helped the shy folks become more vocal."

And keep sending me your tips and meeting horror stories to be included in future posts...

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